Island Snow Bus provides frequent, nonstop, ski and snowboard day-trips from Eastern Long Island to first-rate regional destinations. Our trips mostly leave from Riverhead.  We do fewer stops on the way up, too.  In fact, right now, it's just one. Bam!  Simple.  No compulsory Long Island sightseeing tour required!  Hey, we’re itching to hit the slopes too!  Usually, we go to New England, because the skiing and snowboarding are pretty sweet ‘round there. We also go to a few lesser-known regional gems, where the slopes are awesome and the crowds are thin. Yeah, going a little farther means the trips take a little longer. But hey, we’re doing the driving, on chartered 50+ passenger motor coaches.  And you’ll be doing the sleeping, texting, social media-ing or whatever. We’ll get you there and home before you know it.